Healing Chronic Illness



is a many-headed lioness
I am clamped in a set of jaws
she tosses her head
bone-piercing where teeth
I do not die

she shakes

there is no truth
but this

is gone

solace indiscrete

I act in love
not with love
it escaped

I make myself
to be the
shaken one

the best
one can



-Celia Quinn

By Celia Quinn

I have spent a quarter century practicing and teaching acupuncture and herbalism. I prefer the classical techniques of the ancient sages described in the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine. Unlike many practitioners, I specialized in the use of the pulse as a diagnostic tool. I have studied Chinese medicine with Jeffrey Yuen, Daoist priest and Shing Yi, a sister to Tai Ji, with Shifu Kenny Gong. I am currently retired, healing chronic illness and writing poetry.

One reply on “God”

A lot of people are feeling like this in the midst of this pandemic, grieving for lost loved ones, out of work, unable to provide for their children, abandoned by government, violence impending. Thank you for sharing your desperation. It made me feel less alone. We are going through hell and as Winston said, we have to keep going. Even this will turn again.

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